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       BADGES                                                      Badges, Buttons...Plus!! brings

                                                                   to you the latest, greatest

                                                                   technology with our NEW

       BUTTONS                                                     UV-LED Printer (FRED).

                                                                   UV-LED printing allows us to

                                                                   print on wood, plastic, glass,

                                                                   canvas, acrylics, metals and
       PLAQUES                                                     much more...

                 With the addition of textured printing, FRED can turn a

     OTHER   PRODUCTS  photograph into a piece of art that resembles an oil
                 painting.  With a printing bed of 18 x 24”, full color signage

                 is now possible for in-house production.  Need a custom

                 license plate frame, some wooden nickels, a unique
       INQUIRY   acrylic award...FRED is here to help.

       ABOUT US              Custom Wooden Nickels
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